(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. abode, residence; chamber, legislature; firm, organization, company; family, ancestry, lineage. See business. —v. t. shelter, protect; cover, contain, harbor. See party, covering.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [A habitation]
Syn. home, dwelling, apartment house, residence; see apartment , home 1 .
2. [A large business establishment]
Syn. corporation, partnership, stock company; see business 4 , organization 3 .
3. [A family]
Syn. line, family tradition, ancestry; see family 1 .
4. [A legislative body]
Syn. congress, council, parliament; see legislature .
bring down the house*,
Syn. receive applause, create enthusiasm, please; see excite 2 .
clean house,
Syn. arrange, put in order, tidy up; see clean .
keep house,
Syn. manage a home, run a house, be a housekeeper; see manage 1 .
like a house on fire,
Syn. actively, vigorously, energetically; see quickly 1 .
on the house,
Syn. without expense, gratis, for nothing; see free 4 .
play house,
Syn. make-believe, play games, play at keeping a home; see pretend 1 .
set or [m1]put one's house in order,
Syn. order one's affairs, arrange, put in order, manage; see order 3 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
home, residence, shelter, abode, habitation, domicile, homestead, castle, mansion, duplex.
attic access hole: scuttle
beam supporting floor or ceiling: joist
board siding: clapboard
flooring of wood forming geometric pattern: parquet
foundation without basement: slab
frame made of heavy timbers: post-and-beam construction
framing member, vertical: stud
glass-enclosed lookout on top of roof: belvedere
glass: glazing
ornamentation, elaborate: gingerbread
passage between garage and house: breezeway
projection, with window, on sloping roof: dormer
roof dome or domelike structure: cupola
roof framing member: rafter, purlin, ridgeboard
roof overhang: eaves
roof walkway: widow’s walk
roof with double slope on each side: gambrel
roof with four sides, no gables: hip roof
roof with two slopes on all four sides: mansard roof
stair railing spindles: balusters
styles: adobe, bothy, brownstone, bungalow, cabin, cajun cottage, Cape Cod, chateau, colonial, cottage, Creole townhouse, Dutch Colonial, Elizabethan, English magpie, Federal, gambrel, Georgian, gingerbread, Gothic Revival, Greek Revival, Italianate, octagon, pueblo, Queen Anne, Romanesque, row house, saltbox, Second Empire, split level, Tudor, Victorian
tile mortar: grout
upper wall portion between slopes of roof: gable
wall not requiring plaster: drywall, sheetrock, gypsum wallboard
window framework: sash
window strips or bars: mullions
window that projects: bay window
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I noun 1. A building or shelter where one lives: abode, domicile, dwelling, habitation, home, lodging (often used in plural), place, residence. Chiefly British: dig (used in plural). See PROTECTION. 2. A group of usually related people living together as a unit: family, household, menage. See GROUP. 3. A commercial organization: business, company, concern, corporation, enterprise, establishment, firm2. Informal: outfit. See GROUP. 4. A group of people sharing common ancestry: clan, family, kindred, lineage, stock, tribe. Idioms: flesh and blood, kith and kin. See KIN. II verb 1. To provide with often temporary lodging: accommodate, bed (down), berth, bestow, billet, board, bunk1, domicile, harbor, lodge, put up, quarter, room. See PROTECTION. 2. To have as one's domicile, usually for an extended period: abide, domicile, dwell, live1, reside. See PLACE. 3. To give refuge to: harbor, haven, shelter. See PROTECTION.

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